Hello! đź‘‹ I’m Irene, a passionate explorer of the Unreal universe since 2018. My journey with this amazing engine started a few years back, and since then, I haven’t stopped exploring its boundless possibilities.

After 13 hours of development, I have completed the prototype using mainly Blueprints, Actors and the basic features included by default in Unreal Engine 5.3. During this time, I focused on puzzle design, level creation, implementation of materials and other elements needed for the level. In addition, I added a touch of narrative to help mark out the areas and how to help the player solve the puzzles.

The player starts in a cave with two paths, each protected by a bridge, one blue and one purple. On both paths, there is water that can be deadly, so the player must solve one of the two puzzles to get the key to one of the bridges and be able to advance.

Solving both puzzles will earn the player more experience. To get off the island, the player must solve a third puzzle. The exit is clearly marked with a white ring. The goal is for the player to get out of the cave with a clear understanding of the path. This level is simple and the puzzles consist of activating switches, active the materials in the correct order and rotating objects. The narrative is basic and straightforward.



Level design of a basic skateboard circuit

The level design I’m going to create is a basic one where the player starts to understand the game mechanics and how the skate works and how to control.

In this level, the player can move, jump and climb on the sidebars. The player leaves his house and the first thing he will learn is how to get out and get on his scooter, then move it. 

He crosses some streets and has two paths to get to the area where he can jump. The unique idea of the mirror will appear along the way, but it will not yet be of any use.

There a cab will appear and you will have to jump over it to avoid being run over, which requires moving, dodging and jumping cars to get to the first area.

Main Mission – Part 1: Earn points to make the “lupin”:

The idea is to win by going around the place and getting the maximum of objects, jumping and at the end to make the best lupin.

In this part of the main mission, participants must compete against each other to accumulate as many points as possible. These points can be earned through various in-game activities or challenges. Players can engage in battles, complete specific objectives, collect special items, among other actions. The ultimate goal is to be the one who accumulates the most points and thus advance to the next phase of the main mission.

Main Mission – Part 2: First to the top is the winner:

In this part of the main mission, participants must reach the top of a given location as quickly as possible. This can be a mountain, a tower, a tall building or any other high point on the game map. The player who reaches the top first will be declared the winner of this part of the main mission.

Secondary Missions:

Secondary Mission 1: Beat a time set by another person at a specific location (Mission Three):

In this side mission, players must attempt to beat a time set by another person at a specific location on the map. This involves completing a course, performing certain actions or reaching a destination within a certain time. Players compete against the time set by another player or by the game itself.

Secondary Mission 2: Jump without falling from another location on the map to the same point where Mission Three begins:

In this side mission, players must demonstrate jumping and balancing skills. They must jump from a designated location on the map to the same point where Mission Three begins, without falling in the process. This may require precision, timing and coordination to successfully make the jump and reach the desired destination without mishap.


In addition, there will be time trial zones, etc. At the very beginning, the first skater will talk about the black zones, which are areas where very few dare to skate due to the dangers and risks of injury they entail. Whenever someone dares to skate them, he will leave his graffiti with his name.

if the player accesses these areas, his graffiti with his badge will be marked. He will have to go through the park and other zones winning and conquering them.



One of my last three projects were like those fleeting dreams that vanish before you can catch them, but I still have some wild and cool sketches that will make you see the sparks of creativity that ignited at that moment.


The bunkers
The protagonist's house

2030: Technical and Clear Game Description

2030 is an innovative open-world role-playing game developed with the premise of presenting three distinct and diverse factions in a persistent conflict. The game focuses on the story of Sandra, a human character without supernatural abilities, who becomes entangled in a millennia-long enmity between humans, wolves, and hybrids.

Key Elements:

1. Three distinct factions:
Humans: Represent common humanity without special abilities but with their own cunning and adaptability.
Wolves: Creatures with supernatural abilities and strong social bonds, representing the wild nature and resilience.
Hybrids: A mix of humans and wolves, combining supernatural abilities and a connection to both factions.

2. Open world:
– The game unfolds in a vast open world filled with details and opportunities to explore, interact, and complete quests.
– Players can freely navigate between different areas, including bunkers, laboratories, parking lots, and Sandra’s house.

3. Sandra’s story:
– Sandra, a powerless human, is the central character and becomes a catalyst for the plot’s development.
– She disappears from the main map, triggering a series of events involving the three factions and their attempts to find her.

4. Initial maps:
– The game features three initial maps: a bunker, a laboratory, and her personal parking, along with her house.
– Each map has its own relevance to the plot and offers different challenges and gameplay opportunities.

Game tone:
2030 is presented with a clear and simple technical tone, focused on providing an immersive gaming experience through advanced graphics and polished gameplay mechanics.
– The narrative is designed to immerse the player in a complex and exciting story unfolding in a detailed and diverse world.

This technical and detailed approach aims to provide players with a unique experience in an open world full of challenges and strategic decision-making in the context of an epic conflict between the factions.

Ground Zero

Note: Unfortunately, GroundZero remains unreleased due to migration challenges and lack of funding.

The Factions and the Game

Ground Zero revolved around a society divided into eight dominant factions: Fire, Air, Water, Rock, Metal, Spirit, Clover, and Volcano. Each faction held dominion over a part of the world, adding a unique layer of complexity and intrigue to the game. Candidates fought for survival and glory in this dynamic arena, a place where every day was a battle for existence.

The Objective: Survival of the Fittest

The main objective of Ground Zero was simple yet challenging: to survive at all costs. The game challenged contestants to navigate treacherous territories, from cities to caves, forests, and mazes, equipped with deadly traps and hidden surprises. With the CRYS system, an intelligent artificial intelligence, controlling the battlefield, candidates had to devise strategies and adapt quickly to overcome their opponents and the challenges posed by the environment.

The CRYS System: A Game-Changing Element

Central to the Ground Zero experience was the CRYS system, an intelligent artificial intelligence that guided the chaos within the battlefield. The CRYS stations concealed deadly traps and the game’s most formidable weapons, posing both a risk and an opportunity for players. Unlocking clan battles and CRYS battle levels was the key to facing this challenge and potentially gaining an advantage over competitors.

The History of Lara

You can see the first sketch of the level with its legend.

Lara, the protagonist of our story, resides in a world of diverse races. Intrigued by her own origins, she embarks on a mission to the forest in search of answers. The objective is to locate a tree house or cave within the forest and acquire two vital vials—one for life and another for stamina—essential for a laboratory experiment.

The player ventures into the forest, guided by enigmatic signs, depicted in a minicinematic. Along the way, two optional zones present themselves. The first is a quest to uncover ancient runes, possibly holding key insights. The second is a journey to find a hidden camp containing clothes and a pendant, likely significant for a future task or quest. Lara’s expedition promises a thrilling adventure and a potential revelation of her mysterious lineage.

If you want to read more the two Quests download the pdf