I created a pitch for a four-hour technical test, together with a five-minute video, and further developed the GDD. It was easy and quick due to the short time available to create these pages.

I have prepared a pitch outlining the idea, however, due to time constraints and the need for further market research, I have not included some essential elements. These elements are:

Market Size: It is crucial to understand the size and scope of the target market for our idea. This will help us to size our strategies and set realistic goals.

KPIs and Metrics: Defining key performance indicators will allow us to evaluate the success of our initiative in an objective way. These KPIs will be our compass to adjust and improve our strategies over time.

Roadmap: Developing a clear and concise roadmap will help us visualise the evolution of our project over time. This will include important milestones, key dates and objectives to be met at each stage of development.

Scope: It is essential to delineate the scope of our project to avoid deviations and keep the focus on our main objectives. This will help us to use our resources efficiently and avoid possible overloads.

Opportunities: Identifying opportunities in the market will allow us to take advantage of competitive advantages and adapt our value proposition effectively.

Needs and Findings: Identifying market needs and drawing meaningful conclusions from our analysis will allow us to tailor our value proposition effectively. This will help us to meet market demands and differentiate ourselves from the competition.


I created the combat design, level design and game design for the game, which is free-to-play and intended for other platforms. In the pitch, you can only see four selected images.

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Ground Zero

The world has changed, and with it the way this new society has to have fun, we are in the year 2030. The power has been divided into eight factions (Fire, Air, Water, Rock, Metal, Spirit, Clover, Volcano), each faction controlling a part of the world. The new entertainment created worldwide is called Ground Zero. The way to earn money and become famous is by entering to participate in this great place. Every day different candidates are selected to participate in Ground Zero. The winner will live one more day; the others are left to their fate—the last one to survive wins. The candidate who endures the most battles will be rewarded. 

 Ground Zero consists of territories created especially for these battles, cities, caves, forests, labyrinths. The candidates fight to the death, but they are not always alone because, in these areas, there are hidden surprises for the candidates, such as the CRYS system, an intelligent operating system that controls Ground Zero.  The CRYS system is divided into CRYS stations, which contain traps inside as well as the game’s best weapons. Players will encounter the CRYS system when they unlock the Clan Battles and the CRYS Battles levels.

They also have to fight CRYS, who shows no mercy to anyone who invades his territory or challenges him.