Level Designer

New Level Idea for Overwatch 2: Hero Master Mode


  • A one pager describing the goal of your round, level you picked and the general direction of the course
  • A 2D map of the course
  • A design document describing details of your course

2D Map

All the items from the level

All the enemy from the level

All the structure of the level.

Level designer

Ground Zero

Design of a labyrinth using Unity tempering GroundZero.

Gameplay of the GroundZero. If you want to play click on the button below.


Go Fishy Go Goldie!

Spacecraft level design

Spacecraft level design

Spacecraft level design

Spacecraft level design

Earthy Level Design

Earthy Level Design


Move the objects in order to reach the end.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

The Dark City

Here you can see the 9 level designs I created for the dark city.
In the first levels, you learn how to move and use the skills and as you level up you get to know the different enemies.

Nivel 9
Nivel 7
Nivel 8
Nivel 5
Nivel 6
Nivel 4
Nivel 2
Nivel 3
Nivel 1
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Map of The Cave (Unity)

The player finds the cave where a secret sect that has been killing people and stealing artifacts for millennia is hiding. 

The kinematics follow one of them through the forest and suddenly he disappears. The forest is dark and the player must find the cave door and follow the enemy’s whistle

He will also have to pass several underwater tests with a puzzle. In the cave he must get to the ceremony room and retrieve the stolen artifact before it is used. 

The end will be frantic because the battle against the boss and all the soldiers will be a fierce fight. The fight against the sorcerer will leave the place quite broken and the foundation won’t hold and the cave will start to collapse and the player will have to escape or stay underground forever. 

When you go out at the end and turn around you see a Mayan temple collapsing.