The History of Lara

You can see the first sketch of the level with its legend.


Lara, the protagonist of our story, resides in a world of diverse races. Intrigued by her own origins, she embarks on a mission to the forest in search of answers. The objective is to locate a tree house or cave within the forest and acquire two vital vials—one for life and another for stamina—essential for a laboratory experiment.

The player ventures into the forest, guided by enigmatic signs, depicted in a minicinematic. Along the way, two optional zones present themselves. The first is a quest to uncover ancient runes, possibly holding key insights. The second is a journey to find a hidden camp containing clothes and a pendant, likely significant for a future task or quest. Lara’s expedition promises a thrilling adventure and a potential revelation of her mysterious lineage.

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First sketches and references

The protagonist's house

This house is where the whole story begins and will evolve along with our protagonist.

First sketches and references

The bunkers

Throughout the game, you will have many abandoned bunkers, in which the protagonist.

First sketches and references


The labs have 2 or 3 floors in a procedural way. Players must search, kill, free, stealth, depending on the lab they find.